Technical update

In order to fulfill maintenance for technical operation on the worldline network equipment, there will be a 30min network cut between 5:00 am and 5:50 am the 28th April 2020. The full PSD2 XS2A solution (devportal, sandbox, API, extranet) will be unavailable during this time.



Dedicated interface

On the date of 10/09/19 the National Bank of Belgium (NBB) has granted Crelan an exemption from the contingency mechanism in accordance with article 33(6) of Regulation (EU) 2018/389.

The dedicated interface complies with the relevant PSD2 requirements, the RTS on SCA & CSC and the EBA Guidelines.

This means that from 10/09/19 TPPs should only use the dedicated interface to obtain the information made accessible by PSD2.


New PIS functionalities

On monday 18/11/2019 in the morning, we will add some new PIS functionalities to our services. During this process, there might  be some inconveniences.
Following functionalities will be added:

  • Standing orders
  • Non-sepa payments
  • Bulk payments
  • Cancel of memo payment

The documentation on this portal will be updated accordingly.


Update of our APIs and sandbox

As we are reaching the end of the wide-usage period, we have updated our APIs and sandbox as response to the various feedbacks we received.
Other updates have been made regarding the latest evolution on the interpretation of the Berlin Group specifications.

Major changes:

  • The access token is no longer part of the PIS flow.
  • Valid QWAC certificates are now mandatory for using the sandbox

The documentation on this portal has been updated accordingly.