Crelan is ready for the ‘wide usage’

Crelan will meet the deadline imposed by the Belgian national competent authority to start the so called " wide-usage" period. As of the 2nd of june, any certified TPP will be able to access our production APIs. During and after the wide-usage period, Crelan will continue to improve its services and add new functionalities.

There is no need for TPP to register on our developer portal. Our Sandbox is free accessible during this wide-usage period.

The moment that the TPPs starts to use our production APIs the check of the QWAC certificate will be done.


Crelan can proudly announce the launch of her Developer Portal and APIs

On this Portal you will find how to connect to our APIs, what they do, how they work and what you need to do to interface with them.

Use our sandbox and start building now. Access to the sandbox and the documentation is free, you don't need to register.

To get access to our production APIs you will have to present a valid QWAC certificate.

Following production APIs will be available soon: